SEEDS Overview

The Premise:

Studies have shown that teacher effectiveness can greatly impact student achievement. If an average student in an average school has an effective teacher two years in a row, that can put them in the 96% percentile of performance. Those students are then more likely to go to college, live in better neighborhoods, earn higher salaries, and save for retirement.

The Method:

SEEDS develops effective teachers through a five-step cycle that aligns with and reinforces educator goals and is driven by evidence that includes student gains.

  •  Educators use a rubric to self-assess against Performance Standards.
  •  Professional practice goals of individual teachers or teams of teachers are tied to Performance Standards as well.
  • In implementing the plan, evidence is collected for Standards and Indicators, and the rubric is used to provide feedback.
  •  The rubric is used to assess performance and/or progress toward goals.
  •  And finally, the rubric is used to analyze performance and determine ratings on each Standard and overall.